Children’s Liturgy

The Children’s Liturgy is currently not being held.
Contact the Parish Office to see when it will be available.

During the Children’s Liturgy, the children of the Parish join together to learn about the Catholic Faith. All children are welcome to attend and if your child is shy you are welcome to attend with him/her. We have a teacher and a helper during each session.

After the Deacon calls the children together, they depart before the readings and return after the Homily. We read the 1st or 2nd reading along with the Gospel during Children’s Liturgy. They are the same readings that are read during the Mass. There is time for discussion and questions. We also recite the Nicene Creed before returning.

Through this active participation they not only learn about our faith, but they become an active member of our Christian Community.




If you would like to join us as a teacher or helper or would like more information about the Children’s Liturgy please contact the Parish Office.